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Our Mission: McCauley Family Learning Center is a 501©3 non profit committed to "Strengthening Our Community Through Lifelong Learning". We help local families get the academic support they need through our tutorial, after school, and summer camp programs. Learn more our Project L.I.F.T. financial assistance & community impact!

Our Approach: Our family-focused approach partners parents, trained instructors, and teachers to meet each student's unique needs. Connecting the family builds confidence, self-esteem, and SUCCESS!

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Once during a student conference, an older grandmother, who knew first-hand the importance of an education, was concerned about her granddaughter’s progress. I’ll never forget her looking into my eyes and saying, “First, we learn to read, then, we read to learn.” Some twenty years later, I still hear her voice repeating those words to me.

Over the years, parents had often said, “I do not know how to help my child learn to read and I’ve forgotten how to do the math.” At that same time, I was teaching Adult Basic Education and GED classes at Alamance Community College. I worked with adults, of all ages, who for some reason had not been successful or had quit school. Grandparents wanted to know how to read to their grandchildren and with the loss of manufacturing jobs in our area, many came seeking the skills they lacked to find a new job.

Every adult I taught had a story about their “school years.” Most were embarrassed to admit that they could not read the newspaper, balance their checkbook, or write and spell correctly. Each wondered how their lives might have been different if learning had been easier for them. These men and women soon became my heroes.

One day it hit me! They were once children, too. How could their adult lives have been different? I could hear the grandmother’s words in my head. "First, we learn to..."

In 1997, I opened MFLC as an alternative to franchised learning centers. For students to be successful, I knew it was time to get back to “basics” and I knew that their entire family must be involved in the learning process.

Ten years later, parents are still encouraged to participate in the learning process. By attending some of the tutoring sessions with their child, parents gain a better understanding of the concepts their student is expected to know. Parents also learn valuable teaching techniques that they can use at home.

If you think that “getting back to basics” and participating in learning sessions will help your child, I invite you to call, or better yet, drop by the center.

I must admit, I often wonder how my life might have been different if I had not met that wise grandmother so many years ago.

Jean McCauley – Administrative Director

My 10 year old son is a 4th grader who attends tutoring at MFLC. We like their style and techniques, and the parents get to learn right along with the child, which is an advantage when doing homework. We return each year because the techniques that we learn, we just keep building on and I know my son will use these skills for higher grades! I use them in daily life now that I know the "right way" to do it!
- Susan G, Parent

Our Instructors:
A tutor does more than teach- they mentor, motivate, and INSPIRE! MFLC has a team of trained instructors to work with students of all ages, in all subjects. We personally match tutors and students according to each family's unique needs.
Finding the right tutor makes all the difference- let us help!

Our Staff:

  • Jean McCauley, Founder & Executive Director- Jean McCauley knows the true meaning of being a Lifelong Learner! She attended college at the age of 34, and will tell you it is never too late to start or go back to school. Jean taught for years in the ABSS system and literacy department of Alamance Community College. In 1997 she wanted to do more to help educate the student along with the family, and started McCauley Family Learning Center. Jean is proud to help provide Lifelong Learning opportunities to families from all walks of life!

  • Linda Barrow,Administrative Director- Linda came to MFLC, like many of our parents, looking for academic support for her child in 2002. After observing Jean McCauley in action, she decided to volunteer at the center in 2003. Linda brings 21 years of experience in corporate accounting administrative & management, with the desire to make a difference. She trained and completed three years as an AmeriCorp V.I.S.T.A. to establish awareness and sustainability in the community for MFLC. In 2012, she became the Administrative Director, Advisory Chair, and an active Board Member. Linda continues to volunteer 40 or more hours a week.

  • Robin Self, Curriculum Facilitator- Robin has been teaching and learning for over 25 years with students of all levels, from pre-school to 8th grade. Deciding retirement just wasn't for her, Robin proudly joined the MFLC team as our Curriculum Facilitator to continue sharing her passion for working with children!

I started volunteering with MFLC two years ago and I absolutely love it! They have given me hands-on experience working with children and learning how to manage groups of them. It is so much fun working with the children and watching them grow over time. The experience I've gained while working with them is irreplaceable!
- Rachel C, Volunteer

MFLC's advisory board oversees and directs the growth of our organization. The efforts of our board and supporters make it possible for MFLC to continue impacting our community through lifelong learning!
We invite community members of ALL backgrounds to participate one of MFLC's committees! EVERYONE has something unique to bring to the table, and serving on one of our committees is the perfect way to use your personal strengths for the good of the community.

Help MFLC build the future of our community by joining one of our committees today!

My daughter is having the time of her life at their summer camp. She's still learning and getting to engage in a lot of hands-on artwork! The program is very structured and the staff is loving and engaged. It's wonderful!
- Katie B, Parent